About Us

With over 15 years developing products for storage tanks, AW Hudson Supply has achieved unsurpassed quality standards. A full line of products for above ground floating roof tanks (internal and external) allows us to offer complete solutions to our customers.

Our high standards in quality as well as our ability to provide products that meets our clients deadlines has established AW Hudson Supply as a preferred vendor with our clients. 

Some of our clients include:


Why Choose AWH

At AW Hudson Supply, we look to create products that lengthen the turnaround time of tanks in the petrochemical industry. Our goal is that tanks only be taken out of service as needed by regulations. To that end we have developed the best selling Buoyancy Recovery System for leaking pontoons.

Our research and development is focused on floating roof tanks and we devote all our energies to make good products better. We make wiper seals that are some of the most abrasive resistant in the industry and the lightest of its kind.

Leg Socks and Gauge Pole Covers are a crucial line for companies that want to be in the forefront of VOC emissions control and we are there to help you do it with the best ROI in the industry.